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NEW Pharmacy First Scheme

Local pharmacies can now support you with 7 common illnesses without needing a GP appointment.

Patients can attend the pharmacy directly or may be referred to go to the Pharmacy when they call the Practice to make an appointment.  Our local Boots Pharmacy in Stokesley is taking part in this Service.  You can visit Boots after 9am when they open.

These Conditions include :

  • Sinusitis (age 12 and over)
  • Sore Throat (age 5 and over) 
  • Earache (1-17yrs)
  • Infected Insect Bite (over 1yrs old)
  • Impetigo (Age 1 and over)
  • Shingles (adults 18yrs and over)
  • Urinary Tract Infection ( women aged 16-64yrs)



Pharmacy First

Monthly DNAs - (Did Not Attend)


During the month of March, 126 patients booked GP and Nursing appointments but did not attend. These missed appointments included specialist clinics that have waiting lists as well as normal appointments.

Altogether these missed appointments added up to 36 hours and 20 minutes of wasted clinic time.

If you have booked an appointment but can no longer attend, please contact the Health Centre to let us know as soon as you are able so that other patients can book in. 

Thank You


Monthly Patient Feedback

We send questionnaires via text message to patients after most appointments - where we ask how they found the Surgery overall.

In May we received 597 responses of which the responses were as follows:

  • Very Good - 529 responses
  • Good - 49 responses
  • Neither Good Nor Poor  - 11 responses
  • Poor - 6 responses
  • Very Poor - 2 responses

We read all of your comments and share these with the team and appreciate you taking the time to send these back.

If you cannot complete the online form we also have paper questionnaires and a postbox on the desk in reception and there is a feedback form on our website too.

Thank You